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Cable Armoring Wire

Cable Armoring Wire or CA Wire is a metal cover usually applied in form of soft and ductile round wires or formed (flat with curvature) wires, intended to protect the cable from mechanical damage. These round and formed wires with round and flat cross section are manufactured in the modern galvanized furnace with the latest technology to ensure superior quality. These wires have superior corrosion resistance, tensile strength, elongation, resistivity and flexibility.

Cable armor provides additional protection where mechanical stress has the potential to cause damage to the cable, such as direct burial, outdoors or underground. The galvanized cable armor increases cable life, thus improving the electrical power cable's performance, reliability, and safety. We manufacture these wires as per Indian and International standards e.g. IS:3975-1999, BS1442:1969, BS5467:1997 and IRS:S63-20142.

CA wire & strip protects cable that requires hard-wearing armor. It is a galvanized, super-high tensile wire with superior strength and flexibility. Any damage to the cable can have disastrous consequences and for this reason, you need a hard-wearing armor that provides optimal protection against external factors like water or ground pressure, corrosion, groundwork or salt water, marine activities. Bajrang’s extensive experience in wire drawing technologies forms the basis for the quality of the armoring wires. Thanks to good mechanical stability and corrosion resistance, they can reinforce any cable that is

Applications Low carbon galvanized steel wire and flat cable armored wire for armoring of cables.
Standards Hot dipped galvanized wires as per IS 3975:1999 (Light, Medium and Heavy coated), IS 4826:1979, IS 2633:1986, IS 1755:1983, IS 1608:2005, IS 1717:1993, IS 10810(Pt-42):1984, BS EN 10257-1:1998, EN 10218-1:2012, EN 10244-2:2009, IEC 468, BS 1442:1969, BS 443:1982 and as per customer specifications.
Product Range Round Cable Armor: 0.9 mm to 4.00 mm Flat Cable Armor (Strip): 4x0.8 mm, 6.1x4.1 mm
Packing Cable armored coils shall be wrapped with stretch film and HDPE. Sea-worthy export packing is of excellent quality so that there is no damage to coils during transportation.